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Our Introduction

Gaming-God is not a clan, we are building a gaming community for people who want to have equal opportunity in voting in new members and deciding what servers will be set up. Our goal is to have multiple servers for the newer games and also some old school games. At this time, we have 3 different servers for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to nominate a new server for setup, please post in the forums. We have room to set up some more servers, and the whole gaming community will vote on the types of servers when we are ready to set them up.

What is Gaming-God about?

Gaming-God was created as a community for friends to get together to play and have fun. It is a community where members can vote and have a say in what happens in the community. The community is basically run by the members rather than a select few.

What all does the community do?

Various events are held such as Member's Night where a server is put on lockdown with a password and only the members are allowed in. During this event, new maps and plugins are tested out and raffles are held where members can win some ingame items either by a random drawing or questionnaires. We also hold other contests where members can compete to win a prize.