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In order to become a part of our community, you must apply for membership. We use the application process to choose members in order to get an understanding of who the applicant is and how he or she acts.

What should I do after I submit an application?

You wait. It can take up to a month for the fate of your application to be decided.

My application was rejected, what do I do?

Your application was most likely denied because you've broken one of our rules. Usually, an admin will post in your application the reason for the denial. You may submit another application in a couple of months if you wish to reapply.

My poll had outstanding 'yes' votes but I was still rejected!

Though you may receive approval from other members, admins have the final say when it comes to the outcome of applications.

Tips for applying

  • Those over the age of 15 are most likely to be accepted faster than those under the age.
  • Getting to know the admins is a good way to give a good impression. Why not add a couple?
  • Obviously, following the rules is a definite plus while breaking them can seriously hurt you.
  • Make sure to completely fill out your application. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Now that you've read about applying, you're ready to go!

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