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Without rules, there is no order. Without order, there is no structure. Without structure, there are no limits. Without limits, there is chaos...
  1. Be respectful and act your age.
  2. Use of any type of cheating tool will get you PERMABANNED.
  3. While swearing is allowed, you should not use it aggressively against another player.
    • Racial slurs, homosexual slurs, sexual slurs, and sexist remarks are forbidden.
  4. Provoking other users is forbidden.
    • This is defined as annoying another user to make them angry. This can cause the user to possibly break a rule and get themselves in trouble from your provocation.
  5. Don't intentionally stack teams.
  6. Don't impersonate a member, donor, or admin of the community.
  7. Don't tell others how to play the game.
    • Don't like the weapon someone is using? That's too bad!
  8. You may only wear the community tag if you have submitted and application and it has been approved.
    • Registering an account on the forums does not mean you can wear the tag.
  9. Use of map exploits, weapon exploits, or any other exploits or bugs that give you an advantage over other players are not allowed.
  10. Micspamming, playing music through your mic, or just simply being annoying on the mic can get you muted.
  11. English is the only language that is to be spoken in voice chat. It is fine to use your own language in the text chat.
  12. Sprays depicting pornography, gore, or any type of discrimination will get your spray removed or possibly get your spray ability removed in our servers.
  13. Recruiting players for another community or advertising other communities or servers are forbidden.
  14. Our servers are not trade servers. While asking if someone has an item is fine, you should not spam advertisements.
    • Do not beg other players for items.
  15. Though we don't have a ping limit, you will be removed from the game if you experience enough lag to the point where you are warping through the map.
  16. You may only be near the enemy spawn if your team owns the second to last point. (4th point on most maps)
    • You may be near the spawn while under the effects of a timed buff.
    • You may not be near the enemy spawn on 2Fort under any circumstances.
  1. You must follow the same rules that other players must follow.
  2. Avoid starting melee-only votes in the middle of a round.
    • Allow a "cool-down" of 2 maps between melee votes.
    • Don't start melee votes on Degroot Keep.
  3. Your votekick / voteban ability should only be used as a last resort when you absolutely cannot make contact with an admin.
  1. Be respectful to other players.
  2. Cheating will get you PERMABANNED.
    • This includes x-rays, speedhacks, critical hacks, etc.
  3. Griefing will not be tolerated.
    • Stealing items or raiding, breaking buildings, random PvP, exploiting, and killing pets/livestock falls into this category
  4. Advertising other servers of communites is not allowed.
  5. Racial, sexual, and homophobic slurs are forbidden. (See rule #1)
  6. Keep the chat clean.
    • No links to porn, gore, or anything else that would cause distress in the server.